Light (or Dark) may pick up the bladder by surrounding
it on ANY THREE of the four squares indicated above.
To pick up the bladder from the centre diamond, it must be surrounded by placing three pieces on any of the four squares around the centre diamond (see fig. 2). The player who picks up the bladder, places it on the head of any of the three pieces used to surround it (player chooses). The point at which the bladder is picked up, is known as 'Half Time'. If Dark picks up the bladder from the centre diamond, Light then takes the next turn (as in normal play). However, if Light picks up the bladder from the centre diamond, Light is awarded an extra turn, to be taken immediately.
As with the vast majority of games, someone has to make the first move. With BLADDER, Dark gains a slight advantage by starting the game, the purpose of 'Half Time' is to help level the playing field by allowing Light to 'kick off' the 'second half'. As soon as the bladder has been picked up, the centre diamond plays no further part in the game, i.e. pieces may not be played (moved) on it. Once picked up, the bladder may not be put down again during the game.

2a: If there are not enough vacant squares available to surround the bladder with three pieces, the players must attack and remove the pieces that are preventing the bladder from being picked up (see rule 3 - 'LAMING').