"Looks bizarre, takes a bit of time to get used to, but is really quite fantastic! A great little game, that takes next to no time to learn how to play, but can keep you amused for hours - cleverly designed so there are lots of twists in the game, this is a definite winner..."
Christian Hunt, London

"Bought Bladder for my mum to give to me for my birthday and it is amzing. Me and my Uncle Tony played a game for two hours. Keep on trying to play properly with my brother but he always gets in a mood and says I didn't tell him about some rule or other. Absolutely brilliant."
Michael Perkins, Carlisle

Get Bladdered, now.
Phil, Worcester

Never liked chess (too complicated), like football, love Bladder! I played a game with my mentally-challenged northern friend recently and he whipped me, proving this game is either flawed or fiendishly difficult to master... a little tip: always try to leave three goblins on the back line!!
Tom, London